Company’s Promise

“To provide you with real value, outstanding service, and exceptional performance regardless of the size or complexity”


Our Vision

To build our reputation for integrity, excellence, and leadership as one of the finest Engineering and contracting organization.


Gauss`s Mission Statement

To convert our Client’s dreams into reality through unequaled Professional Service.


Company Values

    Gauss is committed to three key strategies to create long-term value for its clients:

  • Partnerships: To foster long term partnerships with clients in order to form a unique understanding of their requirements.
  • Project teams: To adapt services through the use of project-specific teams with industry expertise that result in highly competent and proficient services.
  • Integration: Value is created through the integration of capital cost, technical considerations, risk factors, life-cycle costs, sustainability and other operational issues, which all impact on the long-term outcome of a project.
  • People, Excellence, Transformation, Customer Focus, Innovation, Integrity and Performance

Safety, health and environmental management

Company’s safety, health and environment (SHE) policy and practices center around a zero-harm philosophy towards people, host communities and the environment. Although the group operates in countries with differing governance standards, it consistently enforces a standard approach to SHE and does not compromise its standards of conduct when operating in other countries.


Economic Development– “Building Communities; Building Our Future”

Social Economic Development (SED) strategy is about empowering the communities in our project catchment areas with resources, support and skills that ultimately lead to better lives. Gauss aims to spend 1% of its net profit after tax on community projects and non-profit organizations. The group’s SED programme has three key focus areas:

  • Education and Training: with particular focus on math’s, science, environmental science and technology education.
  • Social development: investing in community development programs, HIV/Aids awareness and other emergency-related initiatives such as disaster relief and ad hoc sponsorship.
  • Economic development: with particular emphasis on promoting the sustainable creation of employment, particularly for marginalized and unskilled groups such as women and youth.

Impact on the Environment:

1. Gauss is committed to maintaining a clean environment and as a consequence believes this will create the ability to operate in a disciplined and sustainable manner over the long term which is fundamental to maintaining a competitive advantage and honoring the deliverables of corporate governance.